Guest Artists

Guest Artists


Emil Edge just wrapped up his guest spot here at the shop, he did some killer tattoos and we had an awesome time hanging out with him.  Here’s some shots of a few of the tattoos he did, and don’t forget about our next guest artist Marco Hyder in March!

Viking Drone by Emil Edge

Viking Drone by Emil Edge


Black Metal Viking Hermit Crab

Black Metal Viking Hermit Crab by Emil Edge







This January 20th-23rd, 2014 we have our first guest artist stopping by.  Emil Edge will be here!!!!!!  If you are interested in possibly booking with Emil, shoot him an email over to  To check out more of his work, click here.   We have a lot of artists lined up for the coming year, I will keep you posted!



We had an awesome time….

Hosting Levi Hilton was great!  What an awesome guy.  AND SO TALENTED!!!!  If you are ever up in the PA area, be sure to check him out at Incognito Tattoo.  We would love to host him again, so if you missed your chance this time around, keep your eyes open for a chance to get in with him next time.  Until then, check out his fly fishin’ tattoo that he did while he was here.

Levi Hilton will be here April 19th-23rd!!!


Levi Hilton is now booking appointments for his guest spot at Loose Screw!!!!  He will be here April 19th-23rd.  If you are interested in booking with him, contact him here.  To check out some of Levi’s work, click here.  

We had an awesome time hosting Char Hall!

After tattooing at the Hampton Roads Tattoo Arts Festival at the beginning of March, Char Hall came straight up to Richmond to do a guest spot with us.  She is one hard working woman!  She was booked solid the entire time, and it was a great pleasure having her join us for a week.  Here are a few shots from her visit……


This March 5th thru the 9th we welcome Char Hall!   If you didn’t get a chance to book with her at the Hampton Roads Tattoo Arts Festival, you can do so now for her spot here at the shop.  To schedule an appointment with her, contact her here and take a look at her work here.  Don’t miss out on booking with this amazing artist!!!!

So long, Jose!

We had a great time hosting Jose Perez!  He did some awesome tattoos while he was here, and we look forward to having him come back sometime in the future.  Here are few images from Jose’s trip here, enjoy!


Jose Perez Jr.

January 28th-February 2nd, Jose Perez Jr. will be joining us at the shop!  Coming to us from Dark Water Tattoos in Chicago, IL.  Hurry up and book your appointment here, spots are filling up fast!

Tatu Baby Will Be Here Next Week!

Miami’s own Tatu Baby will be here November 17th-19th!!:) She will be attending the Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival with us! She works a lot with with both photorealistic and new school subjects. If you’re interested in booking an appointment with her, then definitely shoot her or us an email at or!

To view more of her work, take a look at her mini portfolio or head over to her facebook:)

Jakub Kujawa Will Be Missed!

We had an awesome time with Jakub Kujawa:) It was a real treat getting to see his tattoos at all the various stages, hearing his thoughts on being an artist, and learning about other parts of the world, mainly Poland, where he’s from! Here’s a peak at his visit.

Thanks for everything Jakub:)

Jakub Kujawa Will Be Here in A Week!

Jakub Kujawa will be here October 7-14th! He is making his way from Poland to Loose Screw Tattoo. Contact him via facebook if you’re interested in getting some work done by him! You can also check out more of his work by taking a peak at his guest artist portfolio.

Gunnar’s Time at Loose Screw Tattoo!

Gunnar has come and conquered! He had a wonderful show this past Friday at Glitch Gallery and then he stuck around to tattoo some clients! Here are some images of him working away!

 Thanks so much Gunnar! We hope you visit us again!:)

Stefano’s Visit!

We’ re sad to see Stefano go:/ We had a great time chatting with Stefano and seeing, up close, how this man worked! It was an honor getting to host him! I included some photos to give you a glimpse of the visit:)beauty shot

hard at work!

Thanks Stefano!:)


Gunnar is Coming!!Gunnar is Coming!!

We are soo excited to announce that Gunnar will be visiting with us August 29th-September 5th!! To view more of his artwork you can check out our online portfolio we have created for him or you can go to his website at

Nick Was Here!

We can’t say enough how much we appreciated Nick Malasto coming to visit us at the shop! It was fun adding a new artist to the team for the time being! Check out some behind the scenes action and see what he did while he was here:)

nest skull

female portrait

Thanks Nick:)

Gunnar and Stephano Alcantara Tattooing Back-to-back the End of August!!

Big news, boys and girls!! So you all know that the illustrious Gunnar will be gracing us with his presence later this month, but did you know that he is but one half of a titanic tattooing tag-team torrent? I’m so excited that I used alliteration and everything!!

Gunnar’s Decapitated Unicorn

As we mentioned before, Gunnar will be tattooing with us the 28th – 30th of August. If you’re looking to get in with Gunnar, contact him at!:)

Stefano Alcantara’s Scarface

Stefano Alcantara will be here a little earlier, taking a seat with us the 25th – 28th of August. If Stefano is more your cup of tea, you can chat him up over at

We have New School surrealism on one end and polished photo-realism on the other!! You couldn’t ask for a better gathering of skills and expertise. Definitely contact these guys if you want to catch them while they’re here! Also, if you haven’t already, go ahead and sign up for our mailing list above to keep up to date with all the awesome art happening that we have going on!!


Nick Malasto will be with us August 9th-10th!!

Heya folks! Good news all around, we’ve got a surprise guest coming this week for a Guest spot with us, Nick Malasto!!

Nick is a super talented artist from Pennsylvania and he is coming down to join us for a few days from August 9th until the 10th. If you’re interested in getting some work done by him head on over and give him a shout out!!

Gunnar is Coming!!Gunnar is Coming!!

We are soo excited to announce that Gunnar will be visiting with us August 28-30!! To view more of his artwork you can check out our online portfolio we have created for him or you can go to his website at

Thanks again Rob Jarrett!!

Rob has come and gone and left his mark to a lucky few who was able to get onto his schedule.  We had a blast here watching and learning from Rob as he did he thing!! :)  Here is a sneak peak of some  fun stuff he got into while he was here. :)

Rob Jarrett coming THIS WEEK!!

You heard it! Coming this May 4th and 5th, Loose Screw Tattoo is gonna be lucky enough to have Rob Jarrett sit in our studio and work his magic!

If you’re interested in getting Tattooed by Rob contact him via his email at and tell him what you want. Better hurry!! These spots aren’t gonna last long at all!

Good Bye Tanane Whitfield!!

We had a great time watching Tanane do his thang!! He is such a great artist and inspiration! :)  Thanks Tanane!

Tanane Whitfield Coming IN ONE WEEK!!

Tanane Whitfield will be visiting with us at  Loose Screw Tattoo to tattoo.  He will be here April 13-15th, so if you want to get onto his schedule you can contact him directly through his email at or his Facebook account. If you want to see more of his tattoo work you can view a little gallery we have created here.

Jimmy Munoz Coming THIS WEEK!!

Jimmy Munoz has set aside time in February to be here at Loose Screw Tattoo!  If you are interested in getting a tattoo from Jimmy, please contact him at or by Facebook!!  Hurry before slots fill up!!

Scott Olive’s Guest Spot!!

We had a great time here at Loose Screw Tattoo with Scott Olive.  He is soo much fun to have around and the art that this guy cranks out is amazing!!  Here is a sneak at something Scott got himself into while he was here!!  Thanks Scott for coming!!

Scott Olive Tattooing at Loose Screw Tattoo…

Unicorn Tattoo done by Scott Olive at Loose Screw Tattoo…

To see who else we have planned coming to Loose Screw Tattoo, you can always submit to our mailing list, where we will keep you informed to who is coming and when!! Thanks guys!! :)



Another great friend is coming to visit!!!   SCOTT OLIVE!!!

This guy is truly amazing!!  He is a great contributor to the Lo-Brid stylings and we are honored to have him not only distribute his artwork in our Gallery but ALSO serve as a guest artist while he is here!!  If you would like to book some time with Scott Olive during his stay here in Richmond, VA on January 17th through the 19th, please go to and request more information.

His gallery opening will occur on the 14th of January, in which we hope to see you all come out and view his artwork as well as meet him up close and personal!!


Jimmy and Beto Munoz Coming Soon To Loose Screw Tattoo!!

So we are in the process of getting the Munoz brothers, Jimmy and Beto, out to guest with us at Loose Screw Tattoo sometime in February 2012!! Click here if you want to contact them about getting onto their schedules for this upcoming trip!!  :)

Here’s an example of Jimmy Munoz’s work!!  Click on the picture to view more examples!!

And here’s one of Beto’s work!! Click on the picture to view more examples!!



Tanane Whitfield is coming to Loose Screw Tattoo as a Guest Artist in April of 2012! To view his artwork, click on the image below. :)


If you would like more information on Tanane, view more of his art, or would like to schedule with him while he is in town please go to




RECENT NEWS!! Robert Jarrett will be coming in and doing a Guest Spot at our studio!!  We are super excited!!  No exact dates set as of now, but we are looking into sometime in May of 2012.


Go to to see more of his work and to contact him about getting onto his schedule for when he is here!!



A great time was had by many during Parry’s stay here at Loose Screw Tattoo!!  Here are one of the few amazing tattoos he left off while he was here.  If you would like to see more of Parry’s work and/or contact him about receiving your very own piece of art from him, you can do so, at!!




Parry Chotipradit is on his way to Loose Screw Tattoo!  Parry is now booking for this visit NOVEMBER 26-27TH. Check out his profile we created for him on our site.

Parry is a very talented and well respected artist in the tattoo community.  We are honored to have him work amongst us at the studio! He is most known for his unique twist he creates with his own animated style.  Parry is most inspired by creating characters, animated animals and caricatures of people.  Check out his art online at Lucky Bird Tattoo located in Annapolis, MD  and contact him to book your appointment now.




Jorge Gwooki will be at Loose Screw before you know it.  Now booking for his appearance coming this September 22-24th, 2011.

Jorge’s amazing talent stems from his passion of the art.  He seems to specialize in many different mediums as well as styles of art.  His custom approach to tattoos range from realistic color blasted portrait work to black and gray bio mechanical pieces with multi layers creating hellacious depth!

Jorge has been recognized around the globe with various magazine publications as well as being honored with many international awards for his work.  To the left you can view some samples of his work, however, if you really want to look at what this man has to offer, I would encourage you to go to his website at

You can contact him there, as well, if you wish to get onto his schedule while he is visiting here in Richmond Virginia!!




To the left you will also find a list of artists who have either done a guest spot at Loose Screw or are planning to in the future. If you’d like to get tattooed by any of these artists please send them an email and let them know. Also, if you join our mailing list above we will contact you whenever they come through:)

    2. 3313A W.Cary St
    3. Richmond, VA 23221
    4. 804.342.1981
    8. Open 12-8pm
    9. 7 days a week

    If you are unsure which of our artists is right for you, feel free to

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