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More Carkayous stories from Jesse Smith…..


“The battle between the killer cocks and the rebellious rabbits has been going on for centuries.  They were once allies against the ever aggressive squirrel tribe but the cocks started craving more territory and eventually turned on the rabbits.  Up until recently the cocks were winning, but the rabbits newfound alliance with the octopi has balanced out the odds.”

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“Diggle the Dumbo Octopus”


“Diggle” took up residence in the Ayebeesea off of Ferchettes Island East, in the land of Carkayous.   He is considered to be one of the more intelligent cephalopods and quite docile.  But don’t cross him, he’s been known to conjure up elaborate plans of revenge.



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CHATtoos Podcast



Take a listen to this podcast on the difference between Old School, New School, and Neotraditional tattoos.   You can find it  HERE.  Jesse Smith and Jason Stephan are both mentioned quite a few times for their notoriety in the area of New School tattooing, and the shop gets a little shout out too!

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Jesse Smith is headed to Peru!

Jesse will be traveling to Peru this March 3rd-6th to do a guest spot at Stefano’s Tattoo, located in Lima.  If you are interested in possibly getting tattooed by him while there, send an email to here with the following information:

          1) Where would you like to be tattooed (ie, arm, back, leg, etc)

          2) Please give a good description of what you are looking to get tattooed.

          3) How large would you like your tattoo to be?

          4) How much time/money are you wanting to put into this tattoo?

          5) Is there a particular day that you are wanting to get tattooed?

          6) What is your phone number? (in case we need to get a hold of you)

          7) Are there any other special requests/ info we need to know?


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Last day to bid on Golden Acorn

Today is the last day to bid on the Jesse Smith/Dan Hazelton collaboration print of Golden Acorn.  The auction ends tonight at 10Pm, so you should head on over to HERE and place your bid.  50 of these gems were printed back in 2008 and pretty much sold out immediately, this is number 5.  It IS signed by both artists, unfortunately it doesn’t come with the frame, or the model.  GOOD LUCK to all you bidders!!!!!!  photo-7

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New Jesse Smith T-Shirt Design!!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!

So in honor of such an auspicious day, we have a little treat. We’d like to announce the release of a brand new T-shirt design by Jesse Smith!!  Straight from Carkayous, we have the Heraldry T!

A big shout to our good friend, Greg “Craola” Simkins who was the scribe for the lettering.  All shirts are printed on Anvil, soft, slim fit and are made out of 100% Cotton.  If you wanna snatch one up now, click here!

In addition (you didn’t really think that that was all we had to offer, did you?) because of the great response we had for the One Trick Pony Silver design, we decided to double the fun! And what’s more fun than silver you ask? GOLD!

Be sure you snag yours here while supplies last!

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Holiday Sale!

We are now running a holiday sale on Jesse Smith’s prints:). From now until December 25th we are offering 20% off.   We have Quank and Early Morning Invasion in stock! We also have gift certificates that you can pick up or order at any time. They’re good for  anything at our studio or gallery (tattoo time included).

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Jesse Smith Gets Us Caught Up on Ink Master!

Jesse Smith has a few updates on Ink Master, giving us his perspective on the whole experience both inside and out of the challenges. Take a look at what he had to say on his blog!:)

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We have a new Instagram!

It had a stumbling start, but it’s finally here! Check us out on Instagram :)

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The Ep. 8 Ink Master Viewing Party is Tonight at 9pm!

Come join us at the Burger Batch tonight for the 8th episode of Ink Master! The viewing party begins at 9pm and the show begins at 10pm. Burger Batch is located at 10 South Thompson Street here in RVA. Come and have a drink, and a burger, and a chat! A few cast members from the season will be joining us!:)

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